Gruesome Flayedwing

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Mount Farming Time 2-5 weeks.

Gruesome Flayedwing Boost Requirements

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 How to get the Gruesome Flayedwing Mount

The Gruesome Flayedwing is a unique mount obtained through each Covenant’s special feature in World of Warcraft. Here’s how to get the mount for each Covenant:


To obtain the Gruesome Flayedwing as a Kyrian, players must first unlock The Path of Ascension and complete the achievement “All The Colors of the Painbow.” Once this is done, the mount can be purchased from Binkiros for 2500 Reservoir Anima.


Necrolord players will need to reach exalted with the Stitchmasters and then visit Atticus at the Butchers Block. The mount can be purchased for 5000 Reservoir Anima.

Night Fae:

For the Night Fae, the mount can be obtained by incubating a Divine Martial Spirit at the Queen’s Conservatory. Players must first unlock the Queen’s Conservatory by completing the questline “Dreamweaver” and then gather the necessary materials to incubate the spirit.


Players aligned with the Venthyr Covenant can obtain the Gruesome Flayedwing by attending the Ember Court and earning the favor of Alexandros Mograine.