Hulking Deathroc

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Hulking Deathroc Boost Requirements

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 How to get the Hulking Deathroc Mount

The Hulking Deathroc is a unique mount that can be obtained by defeating the Violet Mistake, rare in Maldraxxus. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain this mount:

  1. Start by heading to the House of Plagues, located south of the Maldraxxus Plague Watch Windrider.
  2. Near the Pool of Mixed Monstrosities in the House of Plagues, you need to farm for items that drop from the mobs in the area. These items are the Mephitic Goo(Blue), Viscous Oil(Red), and Miscible Ooze(Yellow).
  3. Collect 30 of these items and then bring them to the pool. This will spawn the Violet Mistake rare.
  4. To summon the Violet Mistake rarely, you must preserve the correct combination of elements. The correct combination is as follows: Blue > Red > Yellow. This means you need to bring the items in the following combinations:
  1. Once you have successfully summoned the Violet Mistake rare, defeat it to obtain the Hulking Deathroc mount.

Note: The Hulking Deathroc mount drop rate is low, so be prepared for multiple attempts.