Loyal Gorger

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Mount Farming takes 1-3 weeks.

Loyal Gorger Boost Requirements

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 How to Get the Loyal Gorger Mount

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on obtaining the Loyal Gorger mount in World of Warcraft. We’ve got you covered if you’re seeking the Loyal Gorger mount. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions and valuable tips to help you. Whether you’re an achievement hunter or love collecting unique mounts, the Loyal Gorger is a prized possession that will surely impress. Let’s delve into the details of how to obtain this magnificent mount!

  1. Nipping at the Undergrowth: To start your quest for the Loyal Gorger mount, you must obtain the Impressionable Gorger Spawn. This item can be looted from the Worldedge Gorger in Revendreth. It’s important to note that the Impressionable Gorger Spawn will only drop for players who have completed the quest “The Endmire.”
  2. The Endmire: Travel to Revendreth and locate Tessle the Snitch under the bridge between Darkhaven and Pridefall Hamlet. Speak to Tessle to accept the quest “The Endmire.” This quest is a prerequisite for obtaining the rare quest drop from the Worldedge Gorger.
  3. Defeat the Worldedge Gorger: Venture to Revendreth and defeat the Worldedge Gorger rare mob. Upon defeating it, you will obtain the Impressionable Gorger Spawn item, which initiates the questline for the Loyal Gorger mount.
  4. Daily Quests: Obtaining the Loyal Gorger mount requires completing a daily quest for seven consecutive days. Each day, you must return to Tessle the Snitch and interact with the Impressionable Gorger Spawn to progress further in the quest line.
  5. Follow the Questline: Here is an overview of the daily quests involved in the Loyal Gorger questline:
    • Day 1: Collect 18x Endmire Vineroot. This quest rewards the Vinewormed Coin Pouch.
    • Day 2: Collect 35x Endmire Vineroot. This quest rewards the Vinecovered Infused Rubies.
    • Day 3: Obtain 10x Infused Endmire Fruit by defeating Animus Mite, Devourer Mite, and Ravenous Animite in The Endmire. This quest rewards 5x Infused Endmire Fruit.
    • Day 4: Obtain 16x Infused Endmire Fruit from the same enemies as the previous day. This quest rewards the Sinrunner Carving.
    • Day 5: Defeat 3x End Gorger or Dread Gorger in The Endmire. This quest rewards the A Sparkling Ruby Necklace.
    • Day 6: Defeat an additional 7x End Gorger or Dread Gorger in The Endmire. This quest rewards A Venthyr Arm Holding a Cudgel, which contains the Gorger Slobbered Cudgel and A Bloody Hand.
    • Day 7: Your Juvenile Gorger has now grown into a Loyal Gorger. Defeat the Unbidden Worldeater, who patrols The Endmire. This final quest rewards the coveted Loyal Gorger mount.