Subterranean Magmammoth

The Subterranean Magmammoth Mount is a unique in-game mount that players can obtain by collecting 100 Coveted Baubles that can be exchanged from Unearthed Fragrant Coins. To get this coin, you must do the world quests that grant the chance to obtain Clinking Dirt-Covered Pouches and Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouches. These pouches contain a random amount of coins.

Subterranean Magmammoth Mount BoostIncludes

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Mount Farming takes 1-3 weeks

Subterranean Magmammoth Boost Requirements

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 How to get Subterranean Magmammoth Mount

To obtain the Subterranean Magmammoth mount, you will need to get 100 Coveted Baubles that may be obtained from the Spinsoa vendor via exchanging Unearthed Fragrant Coins with a rate one-on-one.

To acquire Unearthed Fragrant Coins, players must focus on obtaining Clinking Dirt-Covered Pouches and Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouches. These pouches can be acquired by completing world quests and objective bonuses in the Zaralek Caverns. To optimize your coin collection, concentrate on participating in these activities within the caverns.

World Quests and Objective Bonuses in Zaralek Caverns

The Zaralek Caverns offer a range of world quests and objective bonuses that reward players with Clinking and Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouches upon completion. These activities include:

  1. Regular world quests: Participate in standard world quests within the Zaralek Caverns for a chance to receive Clinking or Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouches as rewards. These world quests typically involve defeating enemies, collecting items, or interacting with objects.

  2. Elite world quests: Elite world quests present a higher difficulty level than regular world quests and often necessitate group participation. These quests have an increased probability of awarding Clinking or Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouches.


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