WoW 2v2 Arena Boost

You can boost your 2s rating higher than 1600 by buying our Arena PvP Coaching.

If your main spec is healer or tank – please be ready to spec to DPS at the leader’s request.

2v2 Arena Rating Boost Description

Here you can buy World of Warcraft (WoW) Arena 2v2 Rating. You’ll compete in a 2v2 arena bracket together with our professional until your Arena rating reaches the desired level. In Self-Play mode, we can raise your character’s 2v2 arena rating to 1800, and in Piloted mode, we can raise it to 2100.

  • Your character’s Arena 2v2 rating will be raised to the value you specify;

  • Unless you’ve already hit your Conquest cap, you’ll gain Honor and Conquest points that you may spend to purchase and upgrade Unranked Gladiator PvP gear, as well as Rated PvP gear that’s similar to raid gear stat-wise;

  • Depending on your selected rank, you can earn various achievements, titles, and unlock some incredible transmog stuff. In Dragonflight S2, the rewards are:

    • Combatant I: Dragonflight Season 1 achievement if you reach 1400; You will also unlock Appearance Elite Gear: Bracers and Belt;
    • Challenger I: Dragonflight Season 1 achievement if you reach 1600; Getting 1600 also unlocks Appearance Elite Gear for Gloves, Legs, and Boots slots;
    • All of the mentioned achievements come with their own PvP titles.

The time it takes to complete this service is determined by your current Arena 2v2 PvP rating and the desired rating, as well as a number of other variables, including your class and spec, and, most significantly, your gear level. In general, the ETA increases with the number of matches our PvP team must play to reach the desired WoW Arena 2v2 rating.

You can choose either Wow 2V2 Arena Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Wow 2V2 Arena Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Following your order, a member of our customer service team will reach you to go over the details and schedule the service. We will begin working on your order once this is completed.

If you choose the Self-Play option, you can divide the service into many sessions, each lasting a few hours. After the order, our customer support team will contact you to discuss details and schedule the service according to your schedule and preferences. When this is completed, we will start working on your order.

If you choose the Self-play mode, the team leader may or may not instruct you to perform a specific role during matches. You must understand that if your personal PvP skill is insufficient to fulfill this assignment, it may be impossible to complete your 2v2 arena service.


The 2v2 bracket of the Arena is a highly competitive environment that has little room for error and requires high personal skill in the game. The boost may be impossible if your gameplay is not enough to reach the desired rating. In this case, we will issue a coupon for the amount paid for this service minus the amount that we charge for the rating that you gained. You’ll be able to order a 3v3 boost using this coupon. The 3v3 bracket is a much more lenient and forgiving bracket.

We aim to provide all the information about our services to our clients and to keep them updated about all the risks involved with PvP activities in general and Arena Rating boost in particular. The devs regularly monitor 2v2 Arena rating, as they do all competitive activities in WoW, and there is a minor risk of a 1-6 month suspension if the fact that a player was boosted is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

This means that purchasing 2v2 arena boosts from us or other boosting teams on the market may result in undesirable consequences. Additionally, we strongly advise purchasing WoW Arena 2v2 Rating Boost in Self-play mode to avoid the hazards of account sharing. Please consult the following table to learn more about the benefits and risks of both modes:


Requirements for Our Arena Services

Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Your average item level has to be:

  • 220 or higher to get your arena 2v2 rating to 1600 rating in Self-Play mode;
  • 225 or higher to get your arena 2v2 rating to 1800 rating in any mode;
  • 235 or higher to get your arena 2v2 rating to 2100 rating in any mode.

Check out our Full Gear boost if your gear level is lower.

Additional Requirements if you choose to buy Arena 2v2 rating in Piloted mode.

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Also, feel free to check out our PvP Coaching section if you would like to learn how to play 3v3 or 2v2 Arena. The PvP players that do coaching services are friendly and experienced with newer players; you can learn the ins and outs of small-scale PvP in World of Warcraft quickly from them.

Refund Policy

If for some reason, you are unable to meet the requirements or have changed your mind and wish to terminate your 2v2 Rating Boost early, you will be reimbursed the difference between the fixed price of the rating you paid for and the price we charge for the amount of 2v2 Arena Rating you obtained with our assistance.

WoW Arenas Aims and Goals

Arena is a type of PvP content for World of Warcraft, where gamers battle each other in quick game sessions to achieve different goals.

Some players, for example, love challenges and a feeling of inner risk, when they can lose at any moment and the outcome does not always depend on their skill alone. Others work for results and pay special attention to character choosing and overall strategy. The majority make their progress to raise their current rating to receive unique rewards, a few win one game after another to get an honorable Gladiator title. Read More

There are only two types of arena games, each with its schemes and winning tactics. Herein we will discuss the 2v2 arenas for the current season of WoW Dragonflight, though changes from season to season are not great and the same solution may be used for other arena rating seasons as well.

2v2 Arena Rating boost

Everyone who has ever taken part in at least a single arena skirmish knows about the rating system. You are to win a game to get a certain rating. The more battles you win, the more extra rating you get. High rating as well as lofty titles and rewards require enormous time, effort, and nerve investments – players sometimes may even not have enough sleep, while trying to speed up to get access to the things they want.

This is, of course, is an extremely exhausting process; that’s why we suggest our customers account-safe 2v2 arena rating boost services with both, account sharing and a self-play option variations. Feel free to use our website to select a service. You may always request help from our support. Each manager knows all the nuances and details perfectly well and they will aid you with purchasing the best services.

Note, however, arena rating is not account wide. You are to earn it for every character separately.

Getting Ready for the Arena

The arena content may seem complicated for a beginner. New tactics, new setting, even the slang is specific and unfamiliar to a regular PvE player. Below, we will try to introduce you to the basic focus points so you could be ready to face your first battle.

The very first thing for you is to decide what class and spec you’d love to play with. Visit special sites with the leader tables and learn the best pairs. Pay special attention to the spec, you would love to choose.

The second step is to get dressed. You should have a proper PvP gear to stand against your foes. You may loot, craft, or buy the needed armor and weapon. Do not forget about enchantments – it may be extremely useful. We recommend reading dedicated forums and articles to learn what is better for your character.

Go find a proper partner. Apart from equal skill, this character is better to be a good pair with your specialization, otherwise you might experience unexpected troubles.

Download special PvP related add-ons – you will need them badly, trust us. Among the essential ones, you will always find the following or their analogues:

  • Arena Team Tracker;

  • OmniBar;

  • NamePlateCooldowns;

  • BigDebuffs;

  • sArena + Diminishing Returns / Gladius;

  • WeakAuras.

If you experience certain problems with any of the above-mentioned steps, you are very welcome to use the 2v2 arena rating boost from EpicCarry. We will free you from all the troubles, no matter what region you use for playing.

What is a good PvP rating in World of Warcraft?

Anything between 1800 and 2100 is considered solid and being rated 2100 in any Arena bracket or RBG in Dragonflight unlocks access to ilvl 239-246 Raged PvP gear. Of course, if you enjoy the thrill of the battle and love PvP in its current state, you can spend countless hours going beyond that, which results in unlocking even better gear and more prestigious achievements

What rating is enough for Gladiator in WoW Dragonflight?

Dragonflight continues to use the new-ish Gladiator system that has been introduced in BfA. First, you need to climb to a 2400 rating in any Arena bracket, then you have to win 50 arenas while maintaining the rating above 2.4k.


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