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PvP Coaching Boost Description

Here you can buy PvP Coaching Boost with top PvP players in World of Warcraft.

You will play side by side with the best PvP players we can offer. Our coaches are highly skilled and experienced players. All of them have multiple seasons of Gladiator-level experience under their belt.

Coaching will be done via playing games in the 2v2 or 3v3 bracket. with voice (Discord or Skype or TeamSpeak) and includes an explanation of PvP arena aspects of playing for your class (depends on chosen options).

Explanation of PvP arena aspects of playing for your class means guys will explain what you are doing wrong, will explain what to do in some situations on the arena, will fix your rotation in case you are making some mistakes, you will be free to ask any questions you like.

Boost includes 1-10 hours of playing in the 3v3 Arena bracket on your choice.

You can use your paid hours as you prefer (like 1 hour every day).

This boost will be completed in Wow Arena Coaching | Buy BoostSelf-Play mode.

Important Info

Announcing main staff only via voice means boosters will announce only using of control abilities, switch the target, and expect from you that you know the main aspects of playing for your class in the Arena.

With the order made with an option we don’t guarantee any rating, it depends on your participation and in-game skills.


  • You have to be ready to communicate with our team. Please, make sure that you have one of the voice comms set up and are ready to use it. We will use Skype, Discord, or TeamSpeak.
  • Be near PC in boost period as the time you were AFK counts in coaching time.

Who and Why Might Need WoW Arena Coaching?

Have you heard that knowledge is the best investment? You cannot lose, throw away, or forget the knowledge you have once properly learned. EpicCarry is pleased to give you this very thing – the knowledge in the PvP aspect of the World of Warcraft game. Our coaches and tournament players will teach you the basics and the hidden details of the arena rating games, so that all the skirmishes you participate in could be completed in your favor. So, who might be interested in this type of boosting services?

The successful and experienced PvE players who want to understand a new aspect of the game. These gamers do not have hours of free time to stick in queues, or to grovel their browser looking for the needed information. The easy result is also not their cup of tea. These players got accustomed to achieve everything themselves and are ready to pay the price for something really important. This category of players will find the WoW arena coaching service an extremely useful function, as they will get a knowledge and the understanding of how the arena works in World of Warcraft. There is a very helpful opportunity to contact the coaches while the boosting is in process, to ask any question and to get a detailed answer.

Another category of WoW gamers, who will find the arena coaching service very effective, are newcomers. The PvP aspect of the game may seem astonishingly difficult and obscure, especially if the theoretical and practical basis is poor. We strongly recommend the usage of the arena coaching service to those players who want to understand the inner schemes of the PvP aspect of World of Warcraft. Together with your coaches, you will raise your current rating and will get the rewards you want. Your team of tournament players will stay with you for as many hours as you would want them to share with you more secrets of arenas. Do not waste such a glorious opportunity to learn something new and to become a better player.

WoW Arena Coaching Advantages

Reading or watching videos about arenas in World of Warcraft, beginners may find data flow too complicated. There are lots of abilities and talents, which might be new to a regular player. The slang is somewhat special and may not be intuitively clear. Such articles or videos are usually done by pro players with a high skill level, who win nearly every single game they take part in. Moreover, you often may find yourself in a situation when everyone sends you to watch some other videos, or read other articles on other websites, or to even use the browser and search the info yourself. Sounds fascinating, right? Such struggles in getting the information you need just destroy all the interest and in the end, you may decide not to bother with WoW arenas at all.

EpicCarry has a firm opinion of the fact that teaching is the best way to become a better gamer.

You don’t have to spend hour after hour searching for the correct and up-to-date information in your browser about the gaming process, about other players’ techniques and strategies. You don’t have to look for the meaning of these or those words, struggling with constant misunderstandings.

Purchase the World of Warcraft arena coaching service and become a better player. We guarantee you will have a qualified coach who works only with you. And it doesn’t matter, whether you prefer Horde or the Alliance, your booster will make sure that by the end of your training process, you know all the tiniest details and nuances of your class and spec. Together you will take part in a before-settled number of 3v3 arena skirmishes, where your coach will give you concrete instructions and guide you throughout the entire battle. All the rating, rewards, and the experience you earn in each game are yours and yours alone!

One of the very best and worthy advantages of the WoW arena coaching services from EpicCarry is a great opportunity to save your money! Yes, that’s right! This PvP service will save an unbelievable amount of your funds. You pay the price once for this WoW PvP boosting service and get not only a momentary result, but an opportunity to take everything you want yourself, paying no one. The knowledge you get will allow you to become a Gladiator, should you want that.

Another tremendous advantage of having the World of Warcraft arena coaching service is the fact that you don’t have to share your account information and password with anyone. You may be positive that your property and account are safe.

Note, however, that you need to listen to your coach carefully and comply with everything they say. Be also aware that your coach will ask for a small skill checkout before starting the actual teaching process, because they need to know your level of playing. Only in this case will you be able to raise your current rating, to get an elite gear and the title you desire.

Contact our support to make a purchase and spend a desirable amount of hours with your coaches at a rating 3v3 arena clashes. Get conquest points, rating, and other rewards in the process. Become one of the best PvP players on your server with EpicCarry!

The arena coaching from EpicCarry is not about quantity, it is about quality.

What Other PvP Services Do We Offer?

Even though the arena coaching service is one of the best options, as it is an investment into your future PvP career, we would also love to introduce you to other PvP related boosting categories you might be interested in.

There are multiple PvP services represented on our website, feel free to check the entire enumeration. Below, you may find a short list of the most relevant offers.

The Arena tab includes everything that might be related to this type of PvP content. Our professional boosters will do their best to fulfill your wishes. This service will help you get titles, achievements, gear, weapons, etc.

Rated Battlegrounds are best known for absolutely unique mounts, which often become the limit of dreams for multiple gamers. EpicCarry knows how to achieve this goal in the shortest possible time and for the lowest price. Fill your mount collection with these balky animals, cause everyone’s envy!

You may not need a victory, but you may lack Honor levels, which, as we all know, represent your skill and mastery. We can handle that easily. Let us help you win your battles for you and make you a glorious champion of Azeroth. We can also collect Marks of Honor for you, in case you don’t have enough free time for old content.

Every expansion has its PvE and PvP routines, which are not very diverse. You complete the same tasks every day for months just to get regular and boring rewards. This even sounds frustrating. Check our Bundles tab to get the Shadowlands routine carry service for the lowest price. We will free you from this monotonous process.


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