WoW 3v3 Arena Boost

3v3 arena boost by Epiccarry is an excellent choice for those who want to increase their rating and receive various PvP rewards. Our skilled players are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for customers from the US and EU. The Epiccarry team will help you save time and achieve the desired ranking by following all safety measures. Our boosters will honestly achieve your desired rating without using win trades.

Service Includes

  • Chosen rating of 3v3 arena;
  • Full elite PvP Gear for those who order a boost rating above 1800;
  • Honor and Conquest points;
  • PvP Great Vault rewards.

You can choose either Wow 3V3 Arena Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Wow 3V3 Arena Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes;
Estimated Completion time: 36 hours.

Additional Options

Honor gear — We will get 515 PvP gear for your character;
Conquest gear — We will get 528 PvP gear for your character;
One Win Guarantee — If you need one victory to confirm your rating, then we guarantee that you will receive it regardless of your rating;
500,000 gold — After completing the service, we will send the gold to your account;
Stream — We will provide a stream on Twitch or YouTube for you, and you can control the entire WoW 3v3 Arena boost progress.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 70 character. You can purchase our Dragonflight leveling boost if your game character doesn’t meet this requirement.
Honor gear. If you don’t have PvP equipment, please select the appropriate additional option.

How it Works

By purchasing our 3v3 Arena Rating Boost, you can be sure of the quality of the service you receive. Proof of this can be the many positive reviews from our clients and Trustpilot rating. We have prepared for you step-by-step instructions on the process of performing the service and invite you to familiarize yourself with it:

  1. Select additional options that interest you and place your order. Pay for your order using the most convenient method available to you;
  2. After 3-7 minutes of waiting, our support team representative will contact you to discuss the details of the 3v3 arena boost;
  3. Actions depend on the selected service mode:
    • For piloted mode, please provide your login information for account sharing. Our PvP booster will log into your account and begin executing your order. We will start a personal stream for you, and you will be able to see the entire process of the service;
    • For self-play mode, please expect invitations from our professional players to the group. Be prepared to change your spec to DPS at the request of the group leader;
  4. Our team of boosters will begin working on your order and will play matches in the arena until all order points have been reached;
  5. After our Pro PvP players complete the service, our support representative will contact you again to inform you about the work done and congratulate you on the desired rating and other rewards you have achieved.

Please leave an honest review of our services. Your reviews help us improve, as our primary goal is to provide the highest-quality services to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a 3v3 arena rating?

You can get a discount depending on your current arena rating if you have already played in the arena. Please indicate your current rating when placing an order for the service; it will cost you less.

Can I use the remote control for piloted mode?

If you do not want an account sharing, you can request to use remote access when speaking with our customer support team representative. In this case, you will need to agree more on the boosting time for the 3v3 arena boost since it should take place at a time convenient for you.

Can you provide a service for any class?

Epiccarry’s experienced players can cope with any class, but often, to do this, they change the character’s spec to DPS. Our team will select classes that will become suitable teammates for your character, which will reduce the impact of your class’s shortcomings during PvP battle.

How can I get better at the 3v3 arena?

As in other PvP activities, general tips for beginners in PvP are suitable for the WoW 3v3 arena. Below, we will list the main things that will help you develop your skills and how they will help you.

  1. Studying classes. The first step is to start by studying gaming classes. The balance of classes is constantly changing, so it is better to do this with the release of each new update. This way, you will learn about your class and the skills, saves and cooldowns of your future opponents. This knowledge will help you build your future strategies because the enemy teams’ composition is always different, and you need to be able to adapt to any situation.
  2. Duels. Duels may be your first experience in PvP battles. Opponents can be very different, and in these battles, you can gain skills in 1v1 battles, which can be helpful in some cases. You will hone your ability to play in your class and see what others can do in practice.
  3. Practice with players from the guild. A good solution would be to find a guild where players indulge in PvP activities. Here, you can find your first teammates and try your hand at a 2v2 or 3v3 arena. It will also help you gain communication skills with other players and learn how to behave in the arena to unlock your character’s full potential.
  4. Analysis of victories and defeats. From any battle, you can take something useful for yourself. Working on mistakes dramatically improves your understanding of gameplay. Mistakes do not have to be yours; the opponent’s mistakes can also become valuable lessons for future victories.
  5. PvP gear. Playing in the arenas will earn special currency to purchase PvP gear. PvP equipment will help you increase your character’s damage and survivability. Pve items are not particularly well suited for PvP battles. PvP gear level increases during PvP activities, so this option would be the best solution.
  6. You are finding a dedicated team. Once you gain experience and get PvP gear, you can join good players or even form your group. Well-chosen teammates will help you achieve a high rating and, possibly, have fun and enjoyment.

Epiccarry invites you to gain all the necessary skills and combat experience by purchasing our “WoW Arena coaching” service. Our professional coaches will help you get comfortable in PvP modes.

What are the most prestigious rewards for the 3v3 arena in WoW Dragonflight Season 4?

In Season 4 of World of Warcraft Dragonflight, two prestigious rewards can be distinguished. The first is Draconic Gladiator’s Drake, a customization for Highland Drake. PvP players receive this mount for 50 victories in a 3v3 PvP arena with a rating above 2400. The second is a reward for the best players in the top 0.1% of the Arena ladder – the Draconic Gladiator title.

Epiccarry provides services to its customers to receive these prestigious awards. If you are interested, please familiarize yourself with our services, “Rank 1 boost” and “Draconic Gladiator’s Drake“.

What 3v3 arena rating shows that a player is good at PvP?

The higher the rating, the more difficult it is to obtain. The average player has an arena rating of 1500. You can consider yourself a good player if your PvP rating exceeds 2100. Players who have reached a 2400 Arena rating are considered true professionals.

Where can I buy PvP gear?

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, all current PvP vendors are located in Valdrakken. You need to find a place called Gladiator Refuge. Here, you can purchase Honor gear from Seltherex and Conquest gear from Calderax. You can also find Glamora here, who sells cosmetic items for Conquest points.

Does it make sense to upgrade PvP equipment?

Upgrading a PvP gear makes sense only for PvE content. In PvP modes, the equipment has the maximum available ilvl.

Why should I buy WoW 3v3 Arena Boost by Epiccarry?

For over ten years now, Epiccarry has been providing various top-quality services to its customers. Our PvP boosters have experience from many seasons and have reached the highest ranks more than once. You can read reviews of our services and make sure of your decision to contact us. We guarantee that we will complete your order quickly and efficiently, without resorting to dishonesty and will use all precautions during boosting.

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