Awakened Crests Farm

Buy Awakened Crest Farm service and upgrade your gear to the desired item level. Choose the crest type you are interested in, and our professional boosters will get it for you in a few hours. Our professional boosting experts will complete the in-game activities required to get the chosen quality of awakened crests.

There are Whelpling’s, Drake’s, Wyrm’s, and Aspect’s awakened crests. The higher the ilvl the item you wish to grade has, the more rare crest you’ll need for it. But for Epiccarry, nothing is impossible. We are ready to complete awakened crest boost of any type you desire in the shortest terms.

Service Includes

This boost will be completed in Awakened Crests Farm | Buy BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes;
Estimated Completion time: 1-6 hours.

Additional Options

500,000 gold — we will deliver 500,000 gold for your character;
Stream — you will get the link on a personal stream to monitor your boost.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 70 character. You can purchase our Dragonflight leveling boost if your game character doesn’t meet this requirement.

How it Works

Awakened Crests Boost is a service created mainly to help you skip the boring farming process and enjoy the new upgraded gear to the maximum level. Our boosters will do the world quests, farm mythic dungeons, or complete the raids to get your PvE gear upgraded in the shortest terms. Here is explained how the awakened crests carry service will be provided:

  1. Choose the type of crests you are interested in, select the desired amount, and complete your purchase;
  2. In 3-10 minutes after your purchase, one of the customer support managers will reach out to you to schedule your awakened crests boost. We will ask you to provide us with the log and pass data to allow one of our boosters to log in;
  3. Our worker will provide you with a personal stream on your request;
  4. The booster will start farming the awakened crests till he reaches the ordered amount;
  5. After completing the awakened crests carry, we will inform you via the preferred contact method and ask you to provide feedback to ensure your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with Awakened crests?

Awakened crests are the reagents required to upgrade the gear. Combined with Flightstones, you may upgrade items according to their type limit. Here are the types of gear in Wow Dragonflight:

  • Explorer (ilvl 454 to 476);
  • Adventurer (ilvl 467 to 483);
  • Veteran (ilvl 480 to 502);
  • Champion (ilvl 493 to 515);
  • Myth (ilvl 519 to 528).

Is there any cap on awakened crests to be farmed?

With the launch of season 4, there is a first-week weekly cap limit of 90 awakened crests of each type. This cap will be increasing by 90 weekly. This means that on the second week from the date of Dragonflight Season 4 launch, you’ll be able to farm 180 awakened crests. Developers make such limits to allow all the players to be on the same gear range and to prevent the hardcore farmers from being overheard at the start of the patch.

What are the sources of obtaining the awakened crests?

The activities may vary according to the type of the crests. Here is the main list of sources:

  1. Whelpling’s Awakened Crests – world quests, Awakened LFR raids, heroic dungeons, and other starter activities;
  2. Drake’s Awakened Crests – Normal Awakened Raids, Mythic+0 Dungeons;
  3. Wyrm’s Awakened Crests – Heroic Awakened Raids, Mythic+2-5 Dungeons;
  4. Aspect’s Awakened Crests – Mythic Awakened Raids, Mythic+6 and above Dungeons.
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