Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender Boost

Buy Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender boost to unleash the rage of the legendary weapon upon the villains’ heads! Let everyone know the path you’ve walked to equip the two-handed legendary axe. Make enemies quake in fear as they see you carrying Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender.

It sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Now, imagine undertaking all the Awakened Dream’s Hope raid grinding and purchasing those expensive materials by yourself. How much gold would be spent on a Dreamrender Fyr’alath weapon? We bet you’d rather be a hero than someone who lost everything pursuing a legendary weapon.

Fyr’alath legendary axe boost ensures player doesn’t quit halfway and shields you from any potential disappointment. Epiccarry saves the day again! Consider the Dreamrender legendary weapon already yours!

Season 4 Fyr’alath farming will begin during the Amirdrassil Awakened week.

Service Includes

  • Chance for Fyr’alath the Dreamrender item level 502;
  • An amount of Fyrakk kills during Awekened AtDH week;
  • Chance for item level 515 gear from Fyrakk kill on Heroic difficulty of Awakened Dream’s Hope raid;
  • Chance for Embodiment of the Blazing mount customization.

You can choose either Fyr'Alath, The Dreamrender Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Fyr'Alath, The Dreamrender Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15 minutes.
Estimated Completion time: up to 60 days (1440 hours).

Additional Options

Fyrakk kills — choose an amount of Awekened Heroic Amirdrassil raid Fyrakk the Blazing kills. This is a great option for those who want to test their luck without spending a lot of money.
Fyr’alath Crafting Kits — we will gather the set of materials to forge Fyr’alath legendary weapon.
Fyr’alath Questline Completion — if you have already got the item to start the quest, we’ll buy all the materials and finish the Fyr’alath the Dreamrender quest for you. Farming for the starting item isn’t included.
Add 1 000 000 Gold — we will send you one million gold upon order completion.


Level 70 character of the following class: Death Knight, Paladin or Warrior.

How It Works

Here is a short step-by-step instruction on how to transform your character and play World of Warcraft game. You can own the Fyr’alath legendary weapon. Let’s get started!

  1. Begin by selecting the Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender boost service on our website.
  2. To customize your boost, select any additional options, such as Fyrakk kills, Guaranteed Farm, Crafting Kits, or questline completion.
  3. Make sure your character meets the level requirement.
  4. After purchasing, you’ll need to provide the necessary information for account sharing.
  5. Once you place your order and provide account-sharing details, our team will contact you to set up the boosting time schedule.
  6. Our booster will log into your World of Warcraft account and start the process, which includes participating in the Awekened Dream’s Hope raid, killing Fyrakk the Blazing, acquiring the necessary materials, and completing relevant questlines depending on the options you’ve chosen.
  7. We will notify you upon completing the service, which may take up to 60 days, depending on the complexity and additional options selectedu.
  8. You can then log in to your World of Warcraft game account to find your character equipped with the legendary weapon Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender axe, along with any other rewards earned during the boost, including various item levels of gear and the great vault weekly reward.
  9. Our support team will remain available to assist with any further needs or to answer any additional service-related questions you may have about your new legendary weapon and accomplishments.

Enjoy the game with your new powerful axe, and remember, Epiccarry is here to help you achieve your gaming goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender?

Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender, is a legendary two-handed axe in World of Warcraft. It is obtainable through specific in-game activities and is highly sought after for its powerful stats and unique appearance.

How does Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender boost service work?

Epiccarry assigns one of our professional players to log into your account and complete the necessary activities to obtain the Fyr’alath axe for you, including running heroic or normal raid, killing Fyrakk the Blazing, material collection, and quest completions.

Is account sharing safe?

Yes, we prioritize your account’s security over everything else! Our boosters are vetted professionals who follow strict security measures to ensure your account remains secure.

Who can carry Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender weapon?

Your character needs to be at least level 70 and be a Death Knights, Paladins, or Warriors to use Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender.

Can I play on my account while the legendary axe boost is ongoing?

We recommend not accessing your account during the boost to avoid any potential security flags by the game’s systems for simultaneous logins from different locations. Our team will communicate closely with you to schedule times that do not interfere with your usual playtime.

Can I customize my legendary weapon boost further than the options listed?

We provide several predefined options to enhance your boost experience, such as additional Fyrakk kills or guaranteed farm attempts. If you have specific needs or requests not covered by our standard options, please contact our customer service to discuss customizing your boost further

What if I already have some of the requirements or achievements needed for the boost?

If you have already completed certain prerequisites for the Fyr’alath, the Dreamrender boost, please inform us. We can adjust the service accordingly, which may also affect the overall cost.

    Number of Fyrakk Kills:

    Choose 4 and Get 10% off.

    Choose 8 and Get 15% off.

    15% Discount applied!