Gravestone Battle Gargon

The Gravestone Battle Gargon is a highly sought-after mount that can be obtained by reaching certain milestones in the Venthyr Covenant. However, boosting services are available for those who don’t have the time or patience to grind their way to the mount.

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 How to get the Gravestone Battle Gargon Mount

The Gravestone Battle Gargon is a formidable mount only available to players in the Venthyr Covenant. If you are a member of this covenant, you can earn the Gravestone Battle Armor at Renown level 39. This armor will automatically reward you with the Gravestone Battle Gargon mount.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the Gravestone Battle Gargon:

Step 1: Join the Venthyr Covenant

The first step to obtaining the Gravestone Battle Gargon mount is to join the Venthyr Covenant in Shadowlands. You can complete the introductory questline for Shadowlands and choose Venthyr as your covenant.

Step 2: Increase your Renown level

Once you are a member of the Venthyr Covenant, you will need to increase your Renown level to 39 in order to receive the Gravestone Battle Armor. You can earn Renown by completing various activities, such as quests, dungeons, and world quests. The more Renown you earn, the closer you will get to unlocking the Gravestone Battle Gargon.

Step 3: Receive the Gravestone Battle Armor

Once you have reached Renown level 39, you will automatically receive the Gravestone Battle Armor. This armor will allow you to summon the Gravestone Battle Gargon as your mount.

Step 4: Reach Renown level 80 (optional)

While the Gravestone Battle Gargon mount is normally only available to Venthyr Covenant members, it is possible to use this mount on any character once you reach Renown level 80 with the Venthyr. This means you can earn the Gravestone Battle Gargon on one character and then use it on any character you have.