Raszageth Heroic Boost

Buy Raszageth Heroic kill boost to beat the final boss in the hard Heroic level in the Awakened Vault of the Incarnates good raid group! Gear up for a fierce Raszageth boss fight in WoW Dragonflight expansion Patch 10.2.6. Dive into the storm’s core with the Awakened Vault of the Incarnates raid and take on tough fights like never before!

The skilled teams at Epiccarry are ready to guide you through the hardest bosses with ease, no need to try again. We take you right to the Raszageth raid fight! Simply join our team of professional boosters and start the first raid. It’s quick, easy, and you have a good shot at great gear with the group loot option with our without account sharing via self play.

Get some of the top items in the Vault of the Incarnates WoW Dragonflight raid after you kill Heroic Raszageth the Storm Eater. Don’t hold back! Raid with skill and our Raszageth Heroic kill boost! Go for it, grab the Raszageth Heroic kill and grab the prizes with the best prices in the fastest way!

You can choose Regular or Awakened Raid. If your order includes Broodkeeper Diurna Kill use Manual Booking event schedule option!

Service Includes

You can choose either Raszageth Heroic Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Raszageth Heroic Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15 minutes.
Estimated Completion time: up to 7 days (168 hours).

Additional Options

Stream — watch Raszageth Heroic kill boost live during account sharing.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

Get ready for Raszageth Heroic kill, the big storm eater ancient proto dragon, in the Awakened Heroic Vault of the Incarnates fight. Use these easy steps to get your boost ready for a smooth battle with our top team. Do This One by One:

  1. Choose the additional options that fits you best.
  2. Place the Raszageth the Storm Eater order.
  3. After you buy, our boosting team will talk to you to make sure we know everything about your raszageth kill order.
  4. We’ll work with your free time to plan the best day for your pve encounters.
  5. Come meet us at the time we set. Be there on time so we can start killing Raszageth without trouble.
  6. If account sharing is not an option for you then you will join in our experts yourself and try for the best loot in Heroic mode.

Once your Raszageth Heroic kill is done, tell us how it went. A good word on Trustpilot means a lot and helps us get even better. Get pumped to dress up in best gear and face fast Raszageth the Storm Eater kill with guts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get Loot for Killing Raszageth the Storm Eater ?

World of Warcraft Group Loot’s random nature means we can’t promise any specific items or a certain quantity of pieces of gear to each player for raszageth heroic kill. Raszageth the Storm Eater may provide your group with 1-2 items, but it’s not guaranteed by any means. Group loot allows you to Need and roll on an item if it is both an upgrade and usable by your spec. You and other customers are likely to be only characters in the group without a save meaning that the boss is unlikely to drop a lot of items. If it does, you will be able to participate in loot distribution according to the game’s rules, i.e. roll items if you can use it and if it upgrades you.

What other Vault of the Incarnates boosting Service does Epiccarry provide?

We offer a variety of other World of Warcraft Vault of the Incarnates services in addition to the Heroic Raszageth kill boost. The majority of them are designed to maximize your chances of obtaining loot or prestigious achievements from raszageth carry. You can opt for Raszageth normal boost (on normal difficulty) or Raszageth mythic boost!

Choose Glory of the Vault Raider boosting service to receive a unique mount and great achievements.

If you’re looking for world of warcraft equipment, we have a special deal for you! You can quickly boost your character power and rise to the ranks of the most powerful players in your realm by using our Vault of the Incarnates Full Gear carry. Our experienced players will clear the dungeon and kill Raszageth boss as many times as necessary to ensure that you have a VotI raid high level item in each of your gear slots. It is also possible to equip yourself with best-in-slot (BiS) gear for your class.

We also provide full VotI runs on all difficulties. Purchase a Heroic difficulty VotI raid run or any other chosen difficulty and enjoy all of the gear available through the new Group loot system, or supplement your run with a number of loot traders to maximize loot efficiency! Or, even better, buy a Mythic Vault of the Incarnates carry and get the strongest gear for your character as well as other awesome rewards right at the start of the expansion!

Why do I need Raszageth the storm eater Boost?

World of Warcraft Players who value their time but want to obtain some amazing loot and achievements should consider purchasing our Heroic Raszageth kill boost services. Storm Eater boost is available in all difficulties both on eu us. Witnessing the encounter and learning the lore of Dragon Isles is one of the best reasons to begin Dragonflight with a Raszageth carry. If you use the VotI last boss carry service, you won’t have to worry about the team’s performance or whether they will wipe the raid.

There are quite a number of different rewards, waiting for players in VotI. Raszageth the storm eater boss drops weapons, trinkets, and several parts of armor including level 506 tier set tokens.

The Vault of the Incarnates boost service may be completed on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty, so the rewards will be adequate and appropriate.

How many bosses are there in Vault of the Incarnates raid?

There are eight bosses:

  1. Eranog 
  2. Terros 
  3. The Primal Council
  4. Sennarth, The Cold Breath 
  5. Dathea, Ascended 
  6. Kurog Grimtotem 
  7. Broodkeeper Diurna 
  8. Raszageth the Storm Eater (last boss and the last encounter)

Where is the Vault of the Incarnates Raid Entrance?

The dungeon portal to the Dragonflight raid Vault of the Incarnates can be found at 72, 56 in eastern Thaldraszus.

How do I choose between Regular and Awakened Raid options?

Choosing the right Raid mode for Raszageth boost– Regular or Awakened – really depends on what you want to do in the game. If you aim to get achievements, search for quest items, or grab cool-looking gear (transmogs), then a regular Raid run could fit you best. It’s because this way lets you hit these exact targets. Yet, if you’re more into getting gear and moving up in the game, you should pick the Raszageth boost in Awakened Raid. Sure, it’s tougher, but the prizes are way better.

Is there a refund policy if I am not satisfied with the boost?

At Epiccarry, we get that a good boost is key to customer customer satisfaction, and we work hard to hit all your hopes. If you’re not happy with the boost for any reason, we’ve got a money-back plan. We ask you to look at our rules to get the details of this plan, which tell you when a money-back might be given.

If a raid doesn’t end as we said, or if you don’t get the gear or wins we promised, let us know. Our help team is ready to look into what’s worrying you. We often sort out money-back asks by giving back some or all of your cash, or sometimes, we might offer something else, like trying the boost again later.

Please tell us fast if something’s wrong with your boost. By giving us all the info about the trouble, you make it easier for us to fix things fast and fair. We want your game time to be fun and rewarding, and we’re here for you every step you take.

How is loot distributed to me after participating in the raid?

Once the raid’s done, we share out the gear using the Group Loot way, unless you’ve picked a different plan like keeping some stuff just for you (full prio). In Group Loot, everyone gets to try for items that drop, based on what their character does, so it’s fair for all.

But, if you choose full prio, you save some gear for yourself, which ups your odds of snagging just what you need. Do talk to us about how you want to split the loot when you’re setting up your boost, so we can sort out the best rules for what you’re after.

That way, after we finish the raid, we’ll use the way we agreed, and your stuff goes straight to your character’s bag.

Got questions on how we’ll handle the loot in your raid? Just ask us before we start. Our goal is to help you love your raid time.

How do I contact Epiccarry if I have more questions or issues?

Contact us through our website chat, either via online chat or email! We are here 24/7!

Can I obtain the ahead of the Curve achievement or Cutting Edge with this boost?

Sadly, neither the ahead of the Curve achievement nor Cutting Edge for storm eater mythic difficulty won’t be up for grabs from Season 4 and on as Blizzard Entertainment want to keep these kind of achievements unique.