Shadowflame Crest WoW Boost

In WoW Dragonflight, having powerful gear is vital, and whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a veteran player looking, you should always be on the lookout for ways to upgrade gear to a higher item level.

The Shadowflame Crest System introduced in Patch 10.1 offer a new way to boost your gear’s effectiveness. Shadowflame Crests allow you to progress faster and provide a sense of pride and accomplishment as you upgrade your epic-quality gear to a higher level.

Most players looking for a way to increase the power of their characters would agree that our Shadowflame Crest Service is the best offer on the market in Dragonflight patch 10.1. Buy our Service and we will fill your reagent bag with the new currency quickly and efficiently.

Product Description

Our professional player will farm a selected amount of Shadowflame Crests that you can use for gear upgrades. The booster will determine the most efficient way or ways to obtain the required number of Shadowflame crests of the selected type and use them to deliver the services. These ways are:

  • completing World Quests;
  • killing Raid bosses;
  • farming Rare Elites and Fyrakk Assaults in Zaralek Cavern;
  • beating Mythic Keystone Dungeons;
  • open-world (outdoor) gameplay;
  • other activities that reward Crests upon completion.

You can also expect some combination of the rewards that you would normally get from participating in these activities. Please note, however, that booster may 

This boost will be completed in Shadowflame Crest Wow Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.


The estimated time of completion depends on the chosen quantity and Crest type. On average, expect our booster to farm crests at a rate of 2 per 3 hours of farming.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Access to World of Warcraft Dragonflight Patch 10.1 content; Zaralek Caverns world quests have to be unlocked.

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

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