WoW Arena Wins Farm

WoW Arena Wins Farm by Epiccarry can help you with several things. Do you need to earn honor and conquest points or gain battle experience to become a professional player in the future? Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Skilled players are always ready to help you achieve the desired arena wins.

Service Includes

  • The chosen number of arena wins on your current rating;
  • Chance to get a higher arena rating;
  • Some Honor and Conquest points;
  • Seasonal PvP mount progress or Vicious saddle progress;
  • PvP Great Vault rewards progress.

You can choose either Wow Arena Wins Farm | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Wow Arena Wins Farm | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15 minutes;
Estimated Completion time: 30 minutes.

Additional Options

  • Honor Gear – We will fully equip your character in Honor Gear;
  • Conquest Gear – We will fully equip your character in Conquest Gear;
  • 500,000 gold – After completing the service, we will send gold to your account;
  • Stream – We will provide a personal stream upon your request. You will be able to control the entire process of boosting arena wins.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
70-level character. If your character doesn’t meet this requirement, you can purchase our “Dragonflight leveling boost” service.
Honor Gear (rating less than 1800). Please select the appropriate additional option if your character doesn’t meet this requirement.
Conquest Gear (rating more than 1800). Please select the appropriate additional option if your character doesn’t meet this requirement.

How it Works

By purchasing our service, you can be sure of the security of your account, and we guarantee that your current rank won’t decrease. Check out the complete list of steps of the service provided:

  1. Order the service and select additional options that you would like to receive. Pay for your order using the most convenient method for you;
  2. You only need to wait 3-7 minutes; our customer support representative will respond to you to clarify all the details;
  3. This step depends on the selected boosting method:
    • For piloted mode, please provide our employee with your account information. Our booster will connect to your account and start farming arena wins. We will start a personal stream so that you can monitor the service’s implementation;
    • For self-play mode, please expect an invitation to a group of our skilled players who will help you achieve the desired number of arena wins;
  4. A team of our boosters will grind PvP battles until they complete your order;
  5. A support employee will contact you and inform you that the “Arena Wins Farm” service is completed and congratulate you on receiving all related rewards;

Please leave an honest review of our service, as this helps improve the quality of our work. We want all our clients to receive the services they need quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are conquest points for?

Conquest Points is a particular currency that is needed to purchase Conquest Gear. In WoW Dragonflight Season 4, the maximum ilvl of Conquest Gear is 528.

How much does conquest gear help to win in PvP arenas?

The importance of PvP items, especially Conquest gear, cannot be overstated regarding arena matches in World of Warcraft. While skill certainly plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of a battle, the right equipment can often tip the scales in your favour, even in the toughest of matchups. Conquest gear will improve survivability and damage output, two critical aspects of success in PvP encounters.

How do you get better at arenas in WoW?

There are several ways to improve your arena game:

  1. Develop general knowledge: You should study not only your class but also others to understand their capabilities and learn to deal with them;
  2. Communication: Communication during combat in the PvP arena is essential. Coordinated actions will help you and your team communicate better, making it much easier to achieve victory.
  3. Find regular teammates: Find people you feel comfortable playing with. After playing together, you will play better and understand each other without words.
  4. Attitude: Success in PvP often depends on mental toughness and staying focused in difficult situations. No business is complete without failure, but you must continue believing in yourself and learning from your mistakes.
  5. Practice and Gameplay Review: Regular practice is the key to improving your PvP skills. Review your actions during PvP battles, analyze your mistakes, and look for ways to improve.
  6. Viewing recorded matches: From video recordings of battles of more experienced players, you can discover new strategies and subtleties of the game.

What is the most common arena rating among WoW players?

The average player usually has around 1500 PvP Arena rating. If your character has more than a 2100 Arena rating, you can consider yourself one of the strongest players.

How does arena rating affect Great Vault rewards?

The arena rating directly affects the ilvl of PvP items from the Great Vault; the higher your current rating, the better the reward received.


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