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Most of our services are available in Self-Play mode, and we can not overstate how great it is. Not only are they completely safe, but also you get to have fun with our pro-players and learn from them! Always opt in for self-play if you can!
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We were among the first to put a price tag on the boosting services in 2012 and are still kicking! This got to account for something, right? We have a great deal of in-game and management experience in the world of boosting. And we have developed strict standards for ourselves and our services.
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Epiccarry SL Bundles: services designed to take care of your weekly routine, bundled together for your convenience

Shadowlands Update

The World of Warcraft expansion is here. The Shadowlands, or SL, is an otherworldly space and afterlife world for all souls from Azeroth and beyond. A bunch of new allies and many-many new interesting enemies await you there. You can join new Covenants, protect them from possible threats, and secure stability in their home areas. Explore the subworld of evil Jailor, who is in charge of a dark place called Maw, where good forces cannot gain a solid foothold. He remains a mysterious figure of the whole Shadowlands world, with no clear intentions and plans for the afterlife world. 

Preparation Is Everything

Be prepared for attacks of Jailor’s minions ahead of the game, and protect your new allies with your wisdom. Make sure to call in all four Covenants of the Shadowlands and take the fight to the Maw’s subworld.

Boosting Your Gear Upgrade

Boost your character’s gear before you run into the battle. The concept of enigmatic traders Brokers we knew from the city of Oribos is back. The Broker mega-dungeon is a trading city where unique and interesting loot can be found. You will learn more about Brokers and their trading culture as well.

Mythic Dungeon

The boosting packages of Mythic Dungeons have you covered. These bundles carry excellent equipment as well as useful loot for your successful journey into the subworld of evil Jailor. Make sure you buy the best equipment and jump into this amazing world to have your personal awesome time. Explore this whole new section, enjoy new content, and fight against new foes. 


New rewards await you like Maw-themed undead horse, hand mount, or battle pets, not to mention your very own Minion of Domination. Some game-changing powers will be available as well.  

The Future Is Near

And don’t forget the main aim of the game, which is to bring all four Covenants and fight the evil Jailor at his Sanctum of Domination. The Sanctum of Domination includes 10 bosses with old nemesis Kel’Thuzad and Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen. The final fight will definitely change the destiny of the Shadowlands. No spoilers, see it all happening yourself. 

Best Experience

The SL in 2021 is a result of permanent communication between the community and developers of the WoW game. All the positive feelings and experiences of thousands of people were collected in this major content upgrade of the Shadowlands.