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Castle Nathria Raid Boost

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Castle Nathria Boost

EpicCarry offers you a mythic Castle Nathria raid boost and the Glory of the Nathria Rider meta-achievement carry option. Choose a suitable number of loot traders and kill Sire Denathrius, the final boss, together with our raid group on mythic difficulty. It does not matter whether you use a European realm or the US servers; you don’t need to learn any boss’ strategies. Set order details with our customers’ support team and get ready for the Castle Nathria raid carry.

Castle Nathria Bosses

Even though some time has already passed since the release of the Castle Nathria raid for the latest World of Warcraft expansion, it is still a very popular instance to visit. It offers one of the best raid-tier loot sets in the retail WoW. So what do we know about the first raid in Shadowlands?

The Castle Nathria instance is located in the very middle of the Revendreth zone – home to haughty and overweening Venthyr covenant, who prefer a Gothic style – sharp spires, hammered railings, and dusk atmosphere. The raid entrance is the front access door of the castle right underneath the enormous gargoyle’s statue, so you won’t miss it.

The CN raid has four usual difficulty levels – LFG, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. There are ten bosses in total in the Castle Nathria raid:

  • Shriekwing;
  • Sludgefist;
  • Stone Legion Generals;
  • Huntsman Altimor;
  • Hungering Destroyer;
  • Lady Inerva Darkvein;
  • Artificer Xy’Mox;
  • Sun King’s Salvation;
  • Council of Blood;
  • Sire Denathrius.

According to the difficulty, different bosses drop loot with different item level proportions. In addition, the last two encounters have higher armor and weapons item level figures. This is how Mythic and Heroic difficulties loot table looks like this:

Difficulty Bosses 1 through 8
(item level)
Bosses 9 and 10
(item level)
Heroic 213 220
Mythic 226 233

The hospitable owners of the Castle are happy to diversify players’ leisure time with various mundane distractions, such as court dances. Would you like to join a famous Danse Macabre, dear visitors? Castellan Niklaus and his court circle will gladly teach you, even if you don’t want to. Even if you choose the Castle Nathria LFR variant. In such a case they will be waiting patiently for you in the third raid finder wing right in the center area of the ballroom. Take a look at the dungeon journal (they were handed over to you at the Castle entrance) to find this hall.

What Does Epiccarry Offer?

For this category, EpicCarry offers two highly essential options – Castle Nathria Mythic Difficulties Run and the Glory of the Nathria Raider meta-achievement. Feel free to choose between a self-play and piloted mode for both boosting variations. Whichever Castle Nathria raid boost you choose, be sure, you will get not only the loot from the bosses of the Nathria Castle but Great Vault rewards, weapon tokens, and achievements, certainly.

Do not get frustrated if you can’t find those ingame boosting services you want to be done. You always may create a personal order, set all the details with our pro boosters, and beat all Castle Nathria bosses with us. We may change the boss order if you need to, or defeat single bosses of any raid, even if it is from the Burning Crusade expansion. Create an appropriate Castle Nathria boosting or any other service and enjoy your loot and the finest result.

Castle Nathria Mythic Run

Since the second Sanctum of Domination raid for WoW Shadowlands expansion has been already released, it has become slightly more difficult to find random groups by means of the raid-finder option. That’s why we recommend using our Castle Nathria raid carry. Here you can always settle boosting service’s particularities. Select a suitable number of loot traders – at least two of them will be of the same class and spec as you are. Decide, whether you want to kill the last boss, or, maybe, the first boss only, or ten bosses altogether.

Self-Play and Piloted Mode: What’s the Difference?

Such carry services as CN raid boost have two modes – a self-play and a piloted variant. Note, that if you decide to use a former, we won’t need your personal data and account information. However, even if you choose a piloted mode, all your info will be completely safe. We do not transfer any information to any third-party company or individuals.

You will be surprised to know, just how many achievements you will get after a single WoW Castle Nathria raid boost run! All mythic and heroic difficulty-related achievements (around twenty in the amount) and the Glory of the Nathria Raider meta-achievement if you choose this option. Speaking of which, by the way.

The Glory of the Nathria Raider

In case you are a meticulous mount collector, want to obtain every single one of them, and have missed this armored bat for some reason, EpicCarry is ready to lend you a hand. Our team of professional boosters will be happy to help you with this boosting service. Feel free to choose an appropriate date and time, and wait for a raid invitation. The ETA for this particular type of “Glory” achievements for World of Warcraft is no more than two days. Just a little bit of your time and you’ll be rewarded with a new transport together with the best loot and a dozen of new achievements.

If you are struggling with “Glory” achievements from other WoW expansions, do not worry, we can handle that too. Tell us, what kind of carry service you’d love to get. Discuss the details with our support team – we may even exclude certain achievements in case you have completed them. The price will become lower, of course.

Technical Requirements

The only technical requirement we demand of our customers for WoW Castle Nathria carry options – the level 60 character on a chosen account. You don’t have to know how to kill bosses of this first raid – we are completely capable of doing everything ourselves. Take a look at the raid unlock schedule to select a suitable date and time and leave everything else to us. The only thing required from you is being present in the game at the time of the raid start.

What are the other CN services available at Epiccary?

Right now we have a limited amount of CN raid carry services available, but that doesn’t mean we will leave you helpless. Place a personal order, clarifying what exactly you are looking for and we will find a way to help you. EpicCarry is always here to make all your in-game wishes come true.



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