Shadowlands Boost Offers


WoW Shadowlands Boosting Offers

Since Eternity’s End is going to be the last patch for the Shadowlands expansion, and new content is yet to be announced, it is the right time now to complete everything that is left unfinished. There are multiple things to do for all players, such as getting a level cap and gearing alts on their account, or making further progress in the SotFO raid. Whatever you decide to do, EpicCarry is happy to help you in your endeavors. Contact us using our website or via mail; our support team will answer all your questions and will give you all the information you are interested in. You may purchase various services and pay with the money of your country. Below, you may find brief descriptions for some Shadowlands services we offer.


We created this category, especially for those customers who want to either catch up with any WoW Shadowlands activities, like 50 to 60 Level boost, for instance, or for those who got tired of repeating actions. In this category, you may find WoW Covenant Assaults, new storyline campaigns, and other services. Let us give you some examples.

Many players struggle with finishing Torghast layers and the biggest reason for it is its inconvincible boredom. Order a corresponding game service from EpicCarry and be sure that our highly experienced boosters will do everything in the best possible way. They will also gather as many Soul Ash as you want them to. You may choose a self-play option, or save your time for other exciting things.

You may have a long-forgotten character on your account, which has been gathering dust from the times of Burning Crusade. Our special WoW boosting offer will let this poor guy catch up with the new expansion content. We will raise its level to a maximum cap, obtain a certain amount of relevant currencies, unlock flying in Shadowlands zones. We will also complete a gearing routine so that you could be ready for future conquests.


WoW Dungeons became much more entertaining since Blizzard added a progressing system to the Mythic difficulty. Right now, lots of players prefer Mythic+ challenges over all others as they find here more interesting content. Moreover, this type of content shows real in-game skill of each party member.

EpicCarry is happy to introduce you to the new world, where you can find new dungeons, obtain new rewards, learn new skills and make perfect progress. Purchase one of WoW dungeon carry services to play alongside our pro players, who can always support you and take care of you and any char on your account. You do not need to spend hours waiting for the right party or ask friends constantly; buy wow Shadowlands boost from EpicCarry to play the WoW you like.

We are perfectly able to possess numerous dungeon-related services, such as Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Run, Valor Points collection, or even Mage Tower Challenge Boost. We may clear all the content for previous expansions, such as Legion Mythic+ Timewalking if you want us to. Contact our support team and get a detailed answer to any question you might have left.

PvP Shadowlands Boosting Services

The entire World of Warcraft PVP segment is divided into two major groups: Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas. If you enjoy challenging and unpredictable skirmishes, you will like PvP for sure as you have to fight against actual players. Usually, any PvP fight is rather confronting, as you do not know, who will play on the opposite side, and who will be your future comrades. The outcome of each confrontation depends on multiple components, such as gear, the character from your account and its spec, amount of hours you have already spent on PvP, and of course, gaming skills of participants.

Surely, it is sometimes very difficult to take part in a new or long-forgotten activity, especially if you have missed the biggest part of the current expansion for some reason. EpicCarry is ready to lend you a helping hand. Our PvP related services offer you a variety of options. You may either pay for Marks of Honor directly, or, say, for a complete WoW Gladiator Title Boost.

But we do not only sell in-game items, and account sharing is not always necessary. We also teach players how to use the characters on their account sufficiently. We consider such PvP option to be one of the best boosting service for WoW Shadowlands, as you use a self-play mode, i.e. you may contact your coaches and ask for a support at any moment. What’s more, this service is provided per hour, so you may be sure that your money is not wasted.

Below you may find more information about the most usable PvP services, so as you could be sure what game option to choose to play.


The arena is an activity where players group up and fight against other players. The principal task of each party is to defeat all members of the opposite one. There are 2v2 and 3v3 arena modes. This type of content requires the perfect knowledge of not only your class, but all other classes as well, otherwise you will simply lose the game.

Such knowledge comes from years and years of experience, so if you are not positive about your gaming skills, or the concrete class is new to you, then the Arena carry option – is the right service for you. You can order the Arena 2v2 or Arena 3v3 boost in order to get the rewards and titles you desire. Note, however, that these types of services are done mainly in the self-play mode. Look at the table below to learn major figures.

  • Combatant: 1400–1599
  • Challenger: 1600–1799
  • Rival: 1800–2099
  • Duelist: 2100–2399
  • Gladiator: 2400 + 50 wins (must be completed on rating 2400+)

Rated Battlegrounds

Rated Battleground or RBG is 10 versus 10 players fight. The RBG and Arena progression systems are very similar – the winner gets additional rating points, another party, meantime, loses some. The goals differ, however. In the arena, your principal task is to defeat all members of the opposite team, while on RBG you also need to complete specific tasks – bring or capture the flag, take control over the zone, defeat the boss, etc.

You can earn up to 15 titles by winning RBG skirmishes. 14 of them for reaching a specific rating and the 15th – Hero of the Horde/Alliance, for getting into the top 0.5% of the Rated Battleground players of the server with the highest rating by the results of the season. And of course, it is really difficult to get any of them.

We highly recommend starting your future PvP career from the Rated Battleground boost, as it is easier to play among twenty other people. This is the perfect place to learn the uniqueness and usability of other classes, to get deeper knowledge about your class, and to train your reaction.

EpicCarry introduces two ways to practice your RBG skills – wins and rating. The first one is the best choice for the newcomers, who know nothing about the game mechanics in general or have just started their PvP journey. The second variant will perfectly suit those players who already got some rating and want to push it higher. Whatever service you choose, we will make sure that you will get lots of fun and the best result for any character on your account.

You will get the following titles and a corresponding achievement for reaching a certain rating on Battlegrounds:

  • Rating 1100 – Scout (Horde) & Private (Alliance);
  • Rating 1200 – Grunt (Horde) & Corporal (Alliance);
  • Rating 1300 – Seargeant (Horde) & Sergeant (Alliance);
  • Rating 1400 – Senior Sergeant (Horde) & Master Sergeant (Alliance);
  • Rating 1500 – First Sergeant (Horde) & Sergeant Major (Alliance);
  • Rating 1600 – Stone Guard (Horde) & Knight (Alliance);
  • Rating 1700 – Blood Guard (Horde) & Knight-Lieutenant (Alliance);
  • Rating 1800 – Legionnaire (Horde) & Knight-Captain (Alliance);
  • Rating 1900 – Centurion (Horde) & Knight-Champion (Alliance);
  • Rating 2000 – Champion (Horde) & Lieutenant Commander (Alliance);
  • Rating 2100 – Lieutenant General (Horde) & Commander (Alliance);
  • Rating 2200 – General (Horde) & Marshal (Alliance);
  • Rating 2300 – Warlord (Horde) & Field Marshal (Alliance);
  • Rating 2400 – High Warlord (Horde) & Grand Marshal (Alliance);

Besides titles and achievements, you will receive parts of the Elite PvP gear for both Arena and RBG activities in Shadowlands. This is currently the best PvP set in the game. Here is the list of rewards and required ratings:

  • Rating 1000 – Cloak;
  • Rating 1200 – Legs, Bracers;
  • Rating 1400 – Gloves, Boots;
  • Rating 1600 – Belt, Chest;
  • Rating 1800 – Helm, Shoulder;
  • Rating 2100 – Weapon Illusion chant, Prestige Cloak;
  • Rating 2400 – Tabard.

PvE Shadowlands Boosting Services

There are lots of PvE activities in the World of Warcraft – quests; plants and minerals hunting; collectibles of all types. However, the most entertaining and popular are still Mythic+ dungeons and Raids. Both activities have gained thousands of followers and devoted fans all over the world. You probably know about the international E-sports contest called MDI – Mythic Dungeon International. EpicCarry knows about this passion of its customers and is ready to provide you with the best dungeon and raid boost services.


Technically, Mythic + dungeons are the same instances you usually visit, but they are way more difficult. Each following Keystone adds levels of difficulty, new mechanics, and strengthens everything inside a concrete dungeon. The higher is a level of a dungeon, the better rewards one can receive. At least one member of your party should have a functioning Keystone of a certain difficulty level, otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the dungeon. It is not that easy, however, to get these Keystones. As a result, we have a situation where you cannot get a desirable gear if you do not possess a needed Keystone.

Another important thing that may influence your winning chances is the time limit. If you don’t finish the instance in time, you don’t get rewards. Now, this is where EpicCarry shows up.

Ordering Mythic+ Boost service at our website, you do not need to worry about the timer, or a Keystone, or about anything else at all. Our professional players will finish the Keystone of any difficulty in time and with no losses.

Here is the list of items’ ILvLs that can be obtained as a reward after each run or as a weekly reward:

  • Mythic +2 – 210 (end of the run) 226 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic + 3 – 213 (end of the run) 226 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +4 – 216 (end of the run) 226 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +5 – 220 (end of the run) 229 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +6 – 223 (end of the run) 229 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +7 – 223 (end of the run) 233 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +8 – 226 (end of the run) 236 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +9 – 226 (end of the run) 236 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +10 – 229 (end of the run) 239 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +11 – 229 (end of the run) 242 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +12 – 233 (end of the run) 246 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +13 – 233 (end of the run) 246 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +14 – 236 (end of the run) 249 (weekly reward)
  • Mythic +15 – 236 (end of the run) 252 (weekly reward)


Raids are and have always been the most popular activities throughout everything in the entire World of Warcraft game. There are four difficulties for the absolute majority of the raids: LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic.

LFR is the easiest difficulty that is represented by the automatic Looking for Group tool, where every player may get random teammates to clear the raid. The rewards for completing a raid on such a difficulty are the lowest accordingly.

To finish the raid on Normal or Heroic difficulties, you will need a well-grouped party that knows all the tactics. The runs are possible in flexible groups of 10 to 30 people. According to the number of participants, the system will change the difficulty of the raid.

Mythic is the hardest mode of all represented in WoW. It requires you to have a constant group of 20 members. To simply get a chance to succeed in this difficulty, your team should be very well-geared and know every tactic and mechanic perfectly. Usually, a mistake of a single person wipes the whole raid group in a second. Logically, the rewards are the best. Especially if we speak of the last instance of the expansion.

EpicCarry offers several raid-boosting services to fulfill all desires of its customers. Contact our support team to settle a date and time, choose the self-play or piloted mode, and wait for the invitation. We guarantee the results. The best in-game gear is waiting for you!

How to Choose a Boosting Service

It may be difficult to decide where to start, and what to prefer as your first order. But let us assure you of the overall professionalism and competence of all our boosters, who have proven themselves absolutely reliable in both human and legal aspects. We have more than a decade of successful work and do not use any bots, programs, or third-party companies. We surely know what our clients may want and what your predictions are.

You may be a self-confident raider, but have very little experience in PvP. Do not worry – we will teach you all the nuances and secrets of this process. Or we will give you the PvP title and reward you want if you are not interested in learning at the moment.

Or the other way round. You are a Gladiator with a long record of service and you simply have no time to do raids, Torghast, and even reputations. Well, we will help you get the mounts you wish, the achievements you lack, the transmog sets you would love to try on.

No matter what Shadowlands boosting service you have chosen, EpicCarry is ready to provide its customers with the best quality and the highest speeds. Contact our support via website or mail to get special offers and discounts, especially if it is your first purchase.

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